The best Europe Packaging List

While it is very easy to imagine yourself jetting away to an exotic location, in reality, a stress-free, successful trip needs far more organisation than just a few clicks. Especially in today’s world, where we carry more devices than we can count (not to mention the charger for each of these devices) and where going through security is nothing short of nerve-wracking.

The packing list below reflects the type of traveller that I am: orderly, urban, non-adventurous and stylish, who enjoys visiting metropolises like Paris, New York or Berlin. Nonetheless, I think the list provides a good base for every type of traveller, in the sense that an optimal suitcase is a combination of efficient packing and climate/activity-appropriate clothing. And regardless of where you go, only the latter changes. The list works whether you opt for hiking boots or heels, a sturdy rain jacket or a trendy trench coat.‌

The Key to an Effective Europe Packing List: The Right Suitcase

 There’s no point in trying to be organised if all you’re leaving with is a distressed duffel bag, right? As in anything, having the right tools is a guaranteed recipe for success and this is why I’m highly partial to my Heys luggage. Made of polycarbonate composite, each of the suitcases are ultra-light – the biggest one weighs just 10.8 lbs – and are also expandable if you plan on doing a little shopping at destination. I also like that my fashionable, ombré Heys luggage has a built in TSA Lock for maximum security, which means anyone that’s not technically supposed to have a peek inside my suitcase won’t. The 360° spinner wheels and the 5-year warranty are also musts, as is the hard shell that ensures my precious possessions won’t be damaged or destroyed in transit.

Europe Packing List: Be Organised

  • Packing cubes are the best thing since fire. Literally. I am a very neat, orderly person and I like having each of my clothing categories (underwear, sweaters, dresses, tank tops, etc.) sorted in the same place. No need to go through the entire suitcase –and unfold everything in the process– for that one item of clothing that I so desperately need.
  • Laundry Travel Bag is essential, especially when travelling in the humid climates of Southern Europe in the summer.
  • Last but not least, a leather, medium-sized, cross-body handbag in lieu of a day-time backpack. It’s stylish enough to go incognito in most European cities and sturdy enough to resist pickpocketing and slashing. I always opt for bags than can fit my lens, my survival kit (see below), a small water bottle, my sunglasses and my wallet. I’m currently using this Matt & Nat bag, a Montreal-based company.

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